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Kit - Sasha - Boundless Fractals Collection

Kit - Sasha - Boundless Fractals Collection

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Sasha, just like me, is a proud member of the feline family, and trust me, she's absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  Wrapped in the mesmerizing Boundless Fractals fabric line, this kit is a dream come true for all you quilting cat enthusiasts out there! 
The genius behind this masterpiece is Shannon Brinkley, a true cat-whisperer when it comes to her Scrappy Applique technique.  And let me tell you, creating this kit is going to be an absolute joy! With Shannon's expertise and the purr-fect blend of colors and patterns, you'll be quilting away with feline finesse in no time!
So, hoomans, don't miss out on the chance to bring Sasha into your quilting haven and experience the magic of Scrappy Applique firsthand!  I promise you'll be purring with satisfaction as you watch your quilt come to life.
This kit includes 4.75 yards of fabric needed to create the pictured quilt.  The finished quilt size is 56"x60".

Background: Circuits White (Ash pattern on white) - 3 yards
Pattern fabrics:
Radial Pink:  1/2 yard
Fat Eighth pieces (11” x 18”) of the following:

Foil Red
Foil Pink
Circuits Berry
Waves Pink
Radial Pink

Circuits Purple
Arrows Pink
Waves Orange
Arrows Teal
Waves Gold

 Pattern:  Printed pattern and template (included)

 Fusible Web Interface: 3 yards (not included) 

 Backing: 4 yards (not included - recommend Fractals Floral Pink)


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