Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: What is a Boundless fabric and how did you get so much of it?  A: Boundless is a type of high quality fabric that was launched on Craftsy.com in 2016.  Bluprint acquired Craftsy, and then Bluprint closed in 2020 and sold the majority of their Boundless fabric inventory to Lorraine Fabrics.  Quilting Cat Crafts acquired the majority of the Boundless fabric inventory from Lorraine Fabrics in 2022.

2. Q: Why is Boundless fabric better than a standard fabric I might buy?  Boundless is premium fabric that is typically thicker and higher density than standard fabric.  An exception to this is the Boundless Batik line, which is lightweight high quality fabric hand dyed through a unique process and beautifully designed.

3. Q: Why is an accountant selling fabric?  A:  Next question.

4. Q: Who is Catnip?  A: Great husband and co-owner, helps with the business and the website.

5. Q: What are kits and why don't they have patterns?  Kits are a collection of different fabrics that were intended to design a quilt according to a set pattern.  Originally Craftsy engaged individuals to design patterns with the agreement that they would maintain exclusive rights over those patterns, and when they sold the inventory they did not relinquish those rights.  Therefore we can sell the kits to be used as fabric for quilting and stash builders, but we cannot provide the original patterns.

6. Q. How do I place an order and come and pick it up in person?  A:  Choose the pickup option during checkout.  Call us at 682-256-2839 and we can help schedule a time for your visit to make sure we are there to greet you.  Our office is not generally open to the public so we need an arranged appointment for your visit.

7. Q: Will your prices always stay this low?  A: We cannot guarantee that our prices will stay this low indefinitely.  Over time our costs accumulate due to cost of storage, inflation, services and other factors.  In addition, we are still discovering what is in our inventory and once we are finished getting a full picture we may lower prices on some and raise prices on others.

8. Q. When will you be able to ship to other countries?  A: We are new at this and are still discovering how to ship to Canada, the United Kingdom, and other countries so our order form does not currently provide an option to ship outside the USA.  If you are interested in placing an order to ship internationally, please let us know and we will try to accommodate you.   

9. Q. Do you offer special deals for wholesalers?  A:  Yes, our site automatically applies a 20% discount for large orders over $1000.  Simply place an order on the site, then arrange for pickup of your order from our warehouse.  Note that we do not typically ship orders this large so there is no shipping option offered during checkout.  If you prefer to arrange your own shipping, please contact us to work out the arrangements.

10. Why the different sizes?  A: The fabric is precut in the sizes listed. At manufacturing, not all fabrics were cut in all the sizes (ranging from 1 -9 yards). Custom cutting is available for an extra charge.