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Kit - Liberty Road - Stitches and Stripes Collection - No Pattern 11+ yards

Kit - Liberty Road - Stitches and Stripes Collection - No Pattern 11+ yards

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Discover the Liberty Road Stitches and Stripes Collection from the comfort of your home. With this unique kit, you get more than 11 yards of 100% cotton fabric to quilt and craft with. Delight in the Boundless fabric that's sure to bring joy and creativity to any quilting project! Make something special today!

This kit does not include the pattern or backing fabric for the original quilt design.  We do not currently know how to find the pattern, so please let us know if you have some clues.  Until then, take advantage of this beautiful fabric to build your own design! 

Check out this video from Sew Be It Quilts to see their amazing use of the Liberty Road kit!

Kit Contents - Total of 11.25 yards:

Scroll Cream 162.00 4.500
Scroll Navy 31.5 0.875
Medium Floral Beige 22.5 0.625
Medium Floral Rose 22.5 0.625
Pinwheels Navy 22.50 0.625
Paisley Beige 13.5 0.375
Paisley Blue 13.5 0.375
Paisley Rose 13.5 0.375
Stitches Beige 13.5 0.375
Stitches Blue 13.5 0.375
Stitches Rose 13.5 0.375
Stripe Navy 13.5 0.375
Main Floral Navy 9 0.250
Main Floral Red 9 0.250
Pinwheel Beige 9 0.250
Pinwheels Red 9 0.250
Stripe Blue 9 0.250
Main Floral Beige 4.5 0.125

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